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We work closely with many of the largest and most legitimate names in paid research, we’re able to secure the highest paid surveys and opportunities for you. Our process is simple, and it allows you to sign up to as many survey companies as you like, to get the rewards you want.

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Can I Really Make Money Online Completing Surveys?

Yes! Not only can you earn cash, you can receive free vouchers and gift cards from your favourite shops and brands. Besides paid surveys you can also make extra money by becoming a Product Tester. Allowing you to test and keep the latest products

How Do Paid Surveys Work?

Big brands need to conduct market research, they need the opinions of people just like you. They do this by using online surveys and focus groups. It's an easy way for them to gain important feedback. To show their appreciation they will reward you for your time either with cash rewards or free gift cards. For completing the online surveys you may also be entered into free competitions and prize draws to win some really great prizes

How Many Online Surveys Do I Need to Take?

You can choose how many you do, there is no minimum required or any contract. This allows you to fit paid surveys around your home life. The number of surveys available will change depending on your age, gender and personal profile. Therefore we recommend that you sign up to multiple survey companies and fully complete your profile with each, to ensure that when you have the time to spare you will have high paying surveys available to you. Paid Surveys is a great way to earn money just working part time hours in your spare time

When Can I Do Surveys?

Most surveys are completed online, allowing you to take surveys anytime that you have an internet connection and few minutes to spare. This means you can work from home or even on your mobile phone in the evenings or on weekends. Basically you can take them any time or any place, as long as you can get online. This flexibility makes paid surveys extremely popular with Mums looking for stay at home jobs and people who already have jobs who just want to earn extra money online in their spare time.

How Much Money Can I Earn?

This will depend on how much time you spend completing surveys, we don't claim that you will get rich doing this but it's a great way to earn extra cash on a part time basis in your spare time. Maybe to help you save money for a holiday or a special treat. Maybe you just need some extra money to help pay the bills each month, especially if you don't have a job already. Our top tip to maximise your earnings is to sign up to as many survey companies as possible so you can choose between the online surveys with the highest paying cash rewards.

How Will I be Paid?

Money for taking surveys is usually paid into a PayPal account or possibly by Cheque; this is a free, easy and secure way to receive money. Rewards like vouchers and gift cards are usually sent direct to your email address.

How Old Do You Have To Be To Take Part In Surveys?

There are surveys available for people of all ages, though each company will have a different minimum age for account holders. There are even surveys available for kids but an adult needs to be the main account holder. The minimum age to register with us is 13 years old, however, some of the companies may only allow account holders aged over 16 or 18. As there are no strict age restrictions Paid Surveys are extremely popular with teens looking to earn money as there are so few teen jobs available. Though they are equally popular with older workers and those that are retired.

Is This A Scam?

No, we only recommend legitimate paid surveys. Your views and opinions are genuinely valuable and this is a legitimate form of Paid Market Research. Through our trusted and vetted survey partners you can get paid for sharing your opinions. We only deal with well established and legitimate market research companies who have a proven track record.

Can Anyone Join Top 10 Best Paid Surveys?

You can sign up for free as long as you're a resident of the UK and over the age of 14. So it doesn't matter if you're a teenager, stay at home mum, student or retiree you can still get paid for taking surveys. It also doesn't matter if you already have a job or if you are unemployed anyone over the age of 14, can make money online at home with surveys

How Do I Register?

Registering is a simple 3 step process.

Step 1: Enter your information in the form above.

Step 2: Choose which survey companies you wish to join. A handy tip:the more you join the more your will earn.

Step 3: Complete your final details. Then you're done! You'll receive personal invites into your inbox from the survey companies you have selected along with clear instructions on how to start earning money and rewards with them.

What Kind of Surveys Will I Be Asked to Do?

You will be able to express your opinion on a variety of subjects from everyday consumer products and services, to computer games, makeup, politics, TV and media. By joining different survey companies through us you will have a wide selection of subjects to choose from ensuring that you can share your views on subjects that most interest you.

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    As a stay at home mum of two young children, completing surveys is an easy way for me to earn extra money online every month. I usually take them when the kids are in bed, and I use the free gift cards I receive towards their birthday and Christmas presents.

    Fiona - Wigan, Manchester

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    With Top 10 Best Paid Surveys I signed up to legitimate survey companies in one place. It’s free to use, and I’ve already received some free Amazon vouchers and money into my PayPal account.

    Tim - Fulham, London

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    I'm a university student so trying to earn money can be difficult, as I don't have a part time student job, which is why I signed up to do paid surveys. They don’t take long to complete and the extra cash I earn means I can still have a social life without worrying about money.

    Laura - Exeter, Devon

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